Press Release – Materials Workshop Report

Integration of artificial intelligence and robotics with materials sciences will lead to new clean energy technologies International experts outline new methods to accelerate development of clean-tech materials by 10x Materials are the foundation of essentially all clean energy technologies including advanced batteries, solar cells, low-energy semiconductors, catalysts for the capturing and storing CO2, and more. […]

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Collaborate to accelerate – Australia encourages sustained cooperation

We talked to Alison Reeve, Director for Clean Energy Technology Innovation at the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy, about Australia’s role in Mission Innovation (MI). Alison highlighted how Mission Innovation has raised awareness of the role of R&D in achieving the Paris commitments. Australia is a participant in all seven Innovation Challenges […]

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Implementing India’s clean energy innovation plan through Mission Innovation

India, one of the founding Mission Innovation members, is bringing increased focus to their energy innovation activities through Mission Innovation. India will report annually on progress in delivering a national MI Action Plan and is communicating frequently on MI activity on Twitter @IN_MissionInnov. In recent months India’s Mission Innovation team has delivered a range of activities contributing […]

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