News from MI-3

Many of the memorable moments from MI-3 have been brought together in a Twitter moment including photographs and videos from the event.  Interviews with #CleanEnergy leaders conducted at the event will be published on Twitter in the coming weeks, see the interviews with co-host Minister Baylan and with Christiana Figueres. Follow @MICleanEnergyRD on Twitter to hear […]

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Progress and plans – news from MI-3 on the Innovation Challenges

To showcase the achievements of the Innovation Challenges (ICs), the Analysis and Joint Research Sub-Group (co-led by Canada and India) created and presented an infographic to Ministers at MI-3. These achievements were showcased and built upon at the Ministerial with the announcement of successful bids for funding, publication of reports and discussion at workshops. A […]

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Innovation Priorities to Transform the Energy System – a view from IRENA

Renewable energy and energy efficiency together can provide over 90% of the energy-related CO2 emission reductions needed to deliver on the Paris agreement and limit the average global temperature rise to “well below 2°C”. However, the pace of deployment of renewable energy needs to be scaled up at least six times faster for the world to […]

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