Analysis and Joint Research

Identifying and communicating critical needs may illuminate opportunities for collaboration on joint research and capacity building, which are essential to help accelerate clean energy innovation.

The Analysis and Joint Research Sub-Group works to identify, analyze, and clearly communicate the most critical areas for clean energy innovation and opportunities for collaboration. This Sub-Group supports the following broad actions:

  • Identify the most critical and unaddressed clean energy innovation needs and communicate these succinctly to key stakeholders
  • Facilitate mutually beneficial research and developmentĀ collaboration and partnerships between member countries, the private sector, and other stakeholders in the clean energy technology innovation system
  • Leverage the Mission Innovation platform to enhance collective global clean energy research, development, and deployment capacity

To better share MI member countriesā€™ existing work on clean energy innovation, the Sub-Group has assembled an electronic library of reports that provides a collection of global, regional, and national clean energy innovation roadmaps and reports that have been submitted by member countries and other stakeholders including the International Energy Agency, International Renewable Energy Agency, and the World Energy Council.

The Sub-Group is working to refine the nature of and define work processes in eight major areas of critical innovation needs, known as Innovation Challenges. These Innovation Challenges can focus collaborative work and channel public, private and academic research efforts to areas in need of particular attention. Focusing on specific Innovation Challenges:

  • Emphasizes selected technology areas considered to be priorities by MI members
  • Allows for the aggregation of existing efforts by participating member countries and encourages additional efforts
  • Provides a targeted platform for joint work
  • Helps channel private sector funding and provide specific actions to support private sector engagement

Countries participating in the Analysis and Joint Research Sub-Group are Canada (Co-Lead), India (Co-Lead), European Commission, Sweden and United Kingdom.