Crew Training, Ship Operation, and Bunkering

Marlow Navigation Crew & Ship Management

Zero Emission Shipping Project
Name: Crew Training, Ship Operation, and Bunkering
Project Status: Planned
Point of Contact: Mette Festersen Jensen (DMA)
Mira Bergem (Mærsk McKinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping)
Pillar: Ships

The use of alternative fuels for propulsion in international shipping also has implications for the seafarers and can require different competences and operational requirement. In ensuring the transition, it is important to display the needed new competences for seafarers.

Project Objective:

This project will share knowledge from Industry pilots focusing on seafarers working on ammonia-fueled, hydrogen-fueled or methanol-fueled ships with the aim of mapping and discussing the needed competences for the seafarers.

Project Milestones:

The project will be initiated in fall of 2023.