Green Shipping Corridor Route Tracker

Since the launch of the Clydebank Declaration in April 2022 a number of green shipping corridors have been announced.  Tracking these corridors, as well as their progress is often identified as a top-priority need from numerous stakeholders. The tool below helps to address this challenge by showcasing the established green shipping corridors on an easy-to-use interactive map. If you would like to add your green corridor to the map, please contact us at

Green Shipping Corridor Route Tracker

The route tracker below is an interactive map that shows the numerous green shipping corridors that have been announced or established. Use the filters in the map to explore the different corridors and learn about the different routes and ports. If you are interested in forming your own corridor, visit the green shipping corridor matchmaker tool to find other stakeholders with which to partner.

Note that this map is best viewed in full-screen mode. If there is a green shipping corridor  that is missing from the tool, please let us know at:



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