R&D Opportunities Workshops

Mission Innovation workshops on clean energy innovation research and development opportunities help countries gather expert guidance from leading scientists to inform R&D investment decisions and identify areas of potential collaboration.

The workshops are one of several methods that MI members are undertaking to frame their clean energy research portfolios. The workshops can also inspire the research community to take action to solve some of the toughest challenges faced by energy innovation, facilitate capacity building and intergovernmental collaboration, and ultimately spur transformational change.

A How-To Guide provides a step-by-step approach to assist MI members with planning and executing an R&D Opportunities Workshop. The concept for the workshops was presented in a paper offered by the United States as a method for encouraging input from world class experts in the identification of powerful opportunities for research.

As part of the multiyear work programs of the Innovation Challenges, several countries have hosted or are planning to host MI R&D opportunities workshops.

Upcoming Workshops:

Clean Energy Materials Innovation Challenge Workshop II
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
15-16 March 2018
Workshop website

Expert Workshop
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 2018
Details coming soon

Past Workshops:

  • Second Mission Innovation International Workshop on Smart Grids Innovation Challenge
    New Delhi, India
    16-19 November 2017
    Workshop flyer
    News item
  • Affordable Heating and Cooling Innovation Challenge Workshop
    Abu Dhabi, UAE
    1-2 November 2017
    Workshop website

  • Mission Innovation Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Experts’ Workshop
    Led by the United States and Saudi Arabia
    Houston, Texas, USA
    25-29 September 2017
    Workshop website

  • Clean Energy Materials Innovation Challenge Workshop
    Led by Mexico and the United States, in partnership with CIFAR (Canada)
    Mexico City, Mexico
    11-14 September 2017
    Workshop website
    News item
    Report forthcoming
  • First Mission Innovation International Workshop on Smart Grids Innovation Challenge
    Organized by IEECAS (China), RSE (Italy) and IITR (India)
    Beijing, China
    4-6 June 2017
    Workshop summary (document)
    Workshop summary (video)