Updates and Reference Materials

MI Country Highlights report

May 23, 2018

This document provides a compilation of the most recent information submitted by each of the 23 Mission Innovation members: narratives describing the nature of their clean energy research, development, and demonstration investments; current strategies, priorities, and needs; Mission Innovation funding and progress; and plans for future growth.

MI3 MI 2020 Solutions report

May 23, 2018

Released at the third Mission Innovation Ministerial meeting (MI3), this report highlights innovative solutions emerging from Mission Innovation member investments that have the greatest potential to significantly accelerate the delivery of clean and affordable energy by 2020.

Innovation Challenges: Midterm Results

May 23, 2018

This infographic provides an overview of the top accomplishments by each of Mission Innovation’s seven Innovation Challenges in 2017.

Summary of the Chairs of the Third Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-3) meeting

May 23, 2018

This summary provides an overview of the discussions and announcements from the third Mission Innovation Ministerial meeting (MI-3).

Second Mission Innovation Ministerial in China Reaffirms Commitment to Clean Energy Innovation

8 June 2017

At its second Mission Innovation global forum in Beijing, China, the international community forged ahead in the fight against climate change. Senior ministerial delegates came together with private sector investors, thought-leaders, and innovators to highlight progress and explore opportunities for collaboration to accelerate clean energy innovation.

Innovation Challenges: Progress and Highlights

7 June 2017

This document articulates the objectives, approaches, progress, and plans for the seven Innovation Challenges, which were launched at COP22 in November 2016.

Guide for Planning R&D Opportunities Workshops

7 June 2017

This guide presents a step-by-step approach for planning and executing Mission Innovation R&D Opportunities Workshops to obtain expert input on energy research investments and potential collaborations that could accelerate innovation.

Strategies, Progress, Plans, and Funding Information Submitted by Mission Innovation Members

6 June 2017

This document provides strategies and plans for MI members’ respective governmental and/or state-directed clean energy R&D investment over five years. MI members also describe the nature of their investments in energy innovation and share information about MI funding amounts and progress.

Investment Ecosystems for Clean Energy Innovation

6 June 2017

This slide deck, developed by Canada in support of Mission Innovation, provides an initial review of financing available for clean energy innovation, focusing on Off-Grid Access to Electricity, Sustainable Biofuels, and Clean Energy Materials. The deck identifies key participants and analyzes investment flows and key trends.

Mission Innovation Overview Slide Deck

2 December 2016

This presentation provides an overview of Mission Innovation. It outlines the need for increased innovation, the gaps in the current innovation cycle, MI’s goals and focus, private sector engagement, and the organization of MI Sub-groups.

Mission Innovation Ministers Gather at COP22 for Public Event

14 November 2016

Mission Innovation countries came together at the 22nd UN climate change conference (COP22) to report on developments one year on from its launch. MI Ministers welcomed two new members and announced the launch of seven innovation challenges to target development of energy technologies that will accelerate the clean energy transition.

Summary of Progress to Date – Joint Research and Capacity Building Sub-Group

2 June 2016

This working paper provides an overview of the progress of the Mission Innovation Joint Research and Capacity Building sub-group. The paper discusses existing mechanisms for collaboration, establishes common principles and best practices to enable collaboration, and presents recommendations on advancing joint research and capacity building.

Summary of Progress to Date – Innovation Analysis & Roadmapping Sub-Group

2 June 2016

This document summarizes the Mission Innovation “Innovation Analysis and Roadmapping” sub-group’s work to date, considers the current state of energy innovation analysis and roadmapping, and overviews the sub-group’s three initial deliverable.

Summary of Progress to Date – Information Sharing Sub-Group

2 June 2016

This document summarizes the Mission Innovation Information Sharing sub-group’s work to date, opportunities for engagement, the importance of information sharing, and potential future actions for Members countries.

Summary of Progress to Date – Business & Investor Engagement Sub-Group

2 June 2016

This document summarizes the Mission Innovation Business & Investor Engagement sub-group’s current activities and potential future activities.

Inaugural Mission Innovation Ministerial Pledges Unprecedented Support for Clean Energy Research and Development

2 June 2016

At the inaugural Mission Innovation (MI) Ministerial, ministers from all MI Members released their respective governments’ plans to double clean energy research and development funding over five years. Ministers also welcomed the European Commission on behalf of the European Union as the 21st partner.

Enabling Framework for Mission Innovation

1 June 2016

This document sets forth Mission Innovation’s mission statement, describes its actions, and outlines its organization and processes. The Framework was approved at the Inaugural Ministerial of Mission Innovation.

Joint Launch Statement

30 November 2015

This document announces the launch of Mission Innovation by the 20 founding Member countries.