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Reuters Events: Hydrogen 2021


Reuters Events: Hydrogen 2021 will connect key industry stakeholders with the critical information and connections they need for expansion. Over two days and in the run up to the event, we will unravel government support, deep dive into existing projects, hear from the value chain and build the hydrogen business model.


Four Key Themes for Hydrogen 2021:

Governmental Action

  • Unraveling the European Commission’s 6 GW of renewable hydrogen by 2024 and 40 GW by 2030 plans
  • Becoming a green hydrogen exporter: policies and agreements positioning Australia & Chile as global leaders
  • North America, lagging behind? Uncovering which federal and state initiatives can unleash zero and low carbon hydrogen production

Developing the Hydrogen Business Model

  • Engaging off-takers and enhancing demand for hydrogen through staying cost competitive in transport and industry
  • High level ideas vs investable programs: sourcing capital through displaying value to investors
  • De-risking hydrogen projects to improve bankability

Hydrogen Production at Scale: How, Where and When?

  • Developer case studies: deep-dive into largest existing zero and low carbon hydrogen projects across the world
  • Supply chain readiness for expansion: leveraging local content and thinking global
  • Targeting markets ready for deployment and unlocking markets with potential

Transportation and Logistics

  • Building a national hydrogen delivery infrastructure, including storage sites
  • Utilizing existing infrastructure, such as the gas grid
  • Reducing delivery cost, increasing energy efficiency, maintaining hydrogen purity, and minimizing hydrogen leakage

Mission Innovation is an industry partners of the event and will work with the organisers, Reuters Events, to unite with energy leaders to inspire innovation action and deliver net zero.


When & Where
Date & Time
20 – 21 May, 2021
type of event
To be Announced
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