Business and Investor Engagement

Mission Innovation (MI) members recognize that in order to truly accelerate the pace of innovation and bring innovative energy technologies to market, governments, businesses and investors must work together in partnership.

For this reason, MI has established the Business and Investor Engagement (BIE) Sub-Group to act as a focal point of member efforts to engage with the private sector and encourage greater public-private collaboration.

The BIE Sub-Group supports MI efforts in a number of ways, including:

  • Working with business, investors, innovators and the research community to identify shared priorities, needs and opportunities;
  • Building relationships and partnerships with leaders and organizations from the business and investor communities;
  • Developing products, activities and events designed to encourage greater investment in emerging clean energy technologies; and
  • Contributing to the planning of business and investor engagement at the annual MI Ministerial events.

Members participating in the BIE Sub-Group are Mexico (co-chair), Australia (co-chair), Canada, Denmark, the European Union, France, India, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom.