Innovation for Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Innovation for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (ISAF) is a community aiming to forge global partnerships for sustainable and cost-effective strategies for Sustainable Aviation fuels.  


  • Convening the global research and innovation community on Sustainable Aviation Fuels with a shared and prioritized innovation agenda and dedicated working groups;
  • Facilitating research & innovation collaborations;
  • Accelerating private investment for global Impact;  
  • Information Sharing by developing a repository for information on cutting-edge innovation topics; and  
  • Outreach to the global audience to disseminate information about the challenges and opportunities associated with Sustainable Aviation Fuels.  

Co-Leads:   India  United States

Participants: China,    European Commission,  Netherlands,    Denmark

Knowledge Partners:  International Energy Agency (IEA), International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)



  • Enhancing the value proposition: Develop and demonstrate innovative and integrated value chains for aviation biofuels, bioproducts, and to respond with agility to market factors while providing economic and environmental benefits.   
  • Mobilizing National / International Resources: National resources on complete testing of specifications as per ASTM, input on certification process and involvement of air engine manufacturers.   
  • Focus on cultivating end-use market and customers: Meet early-adoption market demands and catalyse new markets that support sustainable, affordable aviation biofuel.
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration: Grow an informed community of public and private stakeholders that understands and contributes to an enduring, Sustainable aviation biofuel, while appreciating its challenges and benefits.
  • Workshops to identify priority areas, exchange of best practices, and secure resource commitment.
  • Joint R&D call for proposals and cooperation between interested MI member countries for identified areas.
  • Development of demonstration projects based on newer technology pathways.
  • Exchange of information, best practices on technical and economic indexes.
  • Development of international technical specifications.   

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