Innovation Community on Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings (IC7)

IC7 is a global ‘innovation community’ focused on low carbon affordable heating and cooling of buildings. We seek to strengthen the clean energy innovation ecosystem and to facilitate new partnerships and collaborations accelerating innovation and providing pathways to net zero.


  • Convene the global research and innovation community for heating and cooling of buildings, with a shared and prioritised innovation agenda and dedicated working groups;
  • Facilitate research collaborations and accelerate private investment in delivering significant innovation and impact across the international heating and cooling space;
  • Provide a repository with information of state-of-the-art innovation topics; and,
  • Communicate beyond the community, disseminating the challenges and opportunities of low carbon heating and cooling to wider audiences.

Co-Leads:   European Union   India  United Kingdom

Participants Australia,    Canada,    Finland,    Netherlands,    Sweden,    United Arab Emirates, International Energy Agency (IEA), Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)


  • Defining priorities for innovation around technologies, systems, commercial/ business models, human interaction and considering connectivity to the wider energy system.
  • Identifying specific innovation needs (e.g. through deep-dive workshops, reports, and innovation roadmaps).
  • Building on previous IC7 work to deliver impact across the international heating and cooling space:
    • E.g. ‘Comfort Climate Box for Cooling’ (CCB2)
    • E.g. Sustainable cooling roadmaps for cities (with GCoM and UNEP)
  • Facilitating new research collaborations and connecting with other organizations to leverage additional benefits (e.g. Race to Zero, the Cool Coalition, Horizon Europe European Partnerships, Positive Energy Districts, etc).
  • Supporting innovation projects within MI Missions and support the development of National Cooling Action Plans.
  • Providing a repository with live library/database/information on state-of-the-art innovation topics.
  • Convening the innovation community to share research findings, national RD&D priorities, lessons learned and best practices (e.g. at workshops, forums, webinars).
  • Disseminating the challenges and opportunities of low carbon heating and cooling to a wider audience.

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