The Materials for Energy (M4E)

The Materials for Energy (M4E) Innovation Community aims to accelerate the development and deployment of advanced materials for clean energy technologies. Given that materials represent up to 80% of the cost of clean energy technologies, actions to make solutions more affordable will be required to bring down the cost of clean technology deployment and meet ambitious climate targets. 


Apply now! StoRIES International Researcher Exchange Programme on Materials Acceleration Platforms (MAPs) and related technologies for improving Energy Storage Applications (deadline January 15, 2023)


  • Through coordinated international collaboration, exchanges, training and sharing of infrastructure, M4E will support the establishment of a network of autonomous or self-driving laboratories (MAPs). 
  • To convene the international community through collaborative projects and infrastructure alignment, and deploy MAPs around the world . 
  • To train the next generation of highly skilled talent. 
  • To transfer innovative technologies to industry partners for commercialization. 
  • Accelerate the rate of discovery and development of materials by a factor of 10. 
  • Support MI2.0 Mission clean technology R&D needs. 

Co-Leads:   Canada, Germany

Participants: Canada, Germany,    India,    Norway,    Denmark,    Italy, European Commission,


  • Hosting of webinars, Community of Practice sessions, panel discussions, workshops.  
  • Coordinated international collaboration (leveraging local resources), joint training and exchanges, infrastructure sharing and alignment with initiatives such as Acceleration Consortium and the German Canadian Materials Acceleration Centre. 
  • Share experience and learning from the new Materials Acceleration Platforms (MAPs) focused on batteries, thermoelectrics, organic solar cells, light emitting diodes and others have been launched e.g., organic solar cells Project Ada, Battery 2030 +. 
  • Development of joint projects (leveraging local resources).  
  • Supporting research exchanges and workshops.
  • Alignment and engagement with other initiatives that may benefit from advanced materials, such as MI Missions.   
  • For more information about Material Acceleration Platform (MAP) projects around the world, check out our interactive map below. If you have a MAP project that you would like to add to the map, please contact us.

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