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Chile celebrates Mission Innovation’s 5-year anniversary


Chile joined MI in 2015 because it recognized urgency of the fight against climate change and the need for international collaboration to realize the kinds of technological innovations necessary to meet our climate ambition and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

From the beginning of Mission Innovation in 2015, Chile began its own increasingly ambitious clean energy transition process. Since then, Chile has increased its renewable energy generation, electromobility has played an important role, and hydrogen and batteries based on lithium were identified as the most important energy carriers in the coming years. Chile has also committed to two crucial challenges: decarbonization of the electrical matrix by 2040 and carbon neutrality by 2050. To accomplish those national goals, innovation is the key enabler for Chile’s economic and social progress and Mission Innovation is the hub for cooperation and sharing experiences.

In 2019 Chile launched a call for the first Chilean Clean Technology Institute that will be the largest research initiative in Chile and will be focused on solar energy, green hydrogen and energy storage based on lithium solutions. In partnership with public institutions, national and international companies and universities, this initiative is a result of the shared issues discussed under the framework of MI and national priorities.

Chile is a proud member of MI and looks forward to hosting the 6th MI Ministerial, launching the next phase of Mission Innovation, in which Chile aims to play a crucial role as the organization continues its role to lead international clean energy ambition and innovation at a time when accelerating decarbonization efforts are vital. Chile is committed to fully participating in the work of this next important phase for MI, especially in the efforts to integrate high penetrations of renewable electricity, to decarbonize diverse sectors of the economy and to scaling-up the green hydrogen industry.