Innovation Challenges

Innovation Challenges (ICs) are global calls to action aimed at accelerating research, development and demonstration (RD&D) in technology areas that could provide significant benefits in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy security and creating new opportunities for clean economic growth.

In 2016, Mission Innovation (MI) members came together at the United Nations Conference of Parties in Morocco (COP22) to endorse seven ICs. At the third MI Ministerial in 2018, members endorsed the addition of an eighth IC on Renewable and Clean Hydrogen.

The ICs cover the entire spectrum of RD&D: from early-stage research needs assessments to technology demonstration projects. Each IC consists of a global network of policymakers, scientists and innovators working towards a common objective and built around a coalition of interested MI members. Through the ICs, MI members aim to encourage increased engagement from the global research community, industry, and investors, while also providing opportunities for new collaborations between MI members.

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Innovation Challenges: leads and participants

The Innovation Challenges are each advanced by a voluntary coalition of participating MI members, under the co-leadership of two to four members.


1IC1: Smart Grids Innovation Challenge
2IC2: Off-Grid Access to Electricity Innovation Challenge
3IC3: Carbon Capture Innovation Challenge
4IC4: Sustainable Biofuels Innovation Challenge
5IC5: Converting Sunlight Innovation Challenge
6IC6: Clean Energy Materials Innovation Challenge
7IC7: Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings Innovation Challenge
8IC8: Renewable and Clean Hydrogen Innovation Challenge