Business and Investor Engagement

Mission Innovation members recognize that in order to truly accelerate the pace of innovation and bring innovative energy technologies to market, governments, businesses and investors must work together in partnership. 

For this reason, Mission Innovation established the Business and Investor Engagement (BIE) Sub-Group to act as a focal point of member efforts to partner with the private sector and encourage greater public-private collaboration.

The BIE Sub-Group, currently co-chaired by Mexico and Australia, supports Mission Innovation efforts in a number of ways, including:

  • Working to identify shared priorities, needs and opportunities with business, investors, innovators and the research community;
  • Building relationships and partnerships with leaders and organizations from the business and investor communities; and
  • Developing products, activities and events designed to encourage greater investment in emerging clean energy technologies.

To date, this has included a series of introductory webinars to provide businesses and investors with an overview of MI members’ clean energy innovation policies, programs, and opportunities for engagement.

The BIE Sub-Group also established a partnership with the World Economic Forum that facilitates greater engagement between leading businesses and MI members. This collaboration brings together business expertise and clean energy investment perspectives to provide a more comprehensive picture of the challenges and opportunities associated with the clean energy innovation system. As a result of this partnership, a joint MI – World Economic Forum workshop was held in September 2017 in Mexico City that focused on the seven MI Challenges. MI Ministers also participated in a special event on clean energy innovation at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, in January 2018.

Leonardo Beltrán Rodríguez (right), Deputy Secretary at the Ministry of Energy of Mexico (SENER), and David Aikman (left), the World Economic Forum’s Chief Representative Officer for China, announce the collaboration between Mission Innovation and the World Economic Forum.

The BIE Sub-Group has also mapped the investors, funds, corporations and other stakeholders that play a key role in financing clean energy innovation. This scan, titled “Mapping the Clean Energy Innovation Investment Ecosystem”, helps MI countries build relationships with businesses and investors so they can make more informed decisions on engagement opportunities with businesses and investors. The ecosystem map also helps to inform and enhance MI member decision-making in relation to the best use public funding for clean energy R&D policies and programs.

Most recently, Mission Innovation partnered with the Canadian Financing Forum to host a Mission Innovation Clean Energy Financing Event. Held on the margins of the GLOBE Forum in Vancouver Canada on March 13-14, 2018, this successful event included pitch sessions and networking activities geared to help connect tech developers with potential investors.
The BIE Sub-Group also contributes to the planning of business and investor engagement at the annual Mission Innovation Ministerial events.

For more information on Mission Innovation efforts to connect with the business and investor communities, please contact