Carbon Dioxide Removal Mission


  • [September 23, 2022] The CDR Mission released its Innovation Roadmap  and Action Plan at the Global Clean Energy Action Forum (GCEAF).
  • [September 23, 2022] At the GCEAF, the CDR Mission launched the Carbon Dioxide Removal Launchpad, a global push for CDR pilot-scale tests and demonstrations projects.
  • [November 5 , 2021] The Carbon Dioxide Removal Mission was announced at COP26. Read our joint mission statement for more information.


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The Co-leads: United States  Saudi Arabia Canada

  • United States of America, Department of Energy
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Energy
  • Canada, Natural Resources Canada


Core Mission Members:

  • Norway, Gassnova
  • Japan, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Australia, National Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO)


Mission Support Group:

  • European Commission, Directorate-General for Research & Innovation
  • India, Ministry of Science and Technology (DBT and DST)
  • United Kingdom, Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy