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Austria Seeks to Join Mission Innovation and Presents its ‘Declaration of Commitment’


On 25 July 2017, Austria officially handed over its “Declaration of Commitment” to join Mission Innovation at a Press Conference that marked the occasion. The event was jointly hosted by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, and the Austrian Institute of Technology. Patrick Child, Chair of the Mission Innovation Steering Committee, welcomed Austria’s interest to join Mission Innovation and the associated commitment to double its government investment in clean energy research and development over five years. “Austria is dynamic, progressive, and committed when it comes to clean energy research and innovation. I am therefore delighted to receive Austria’s Declaration of Commitment today and I look forward to present it to the Mission Innovation partners for consideration,” said Patrick Child.


[Left to right] Wolfgang Hesoun (President of the Vienna division of the Federation of Austrian Industries; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Siemens AG Austria; Vice-chair of the Association for the Electrical and Electronics Industries (FEEI)); Jörg Leichtfried (Austrian Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology); Patrick Child (Chair of Mission Innovation Steering Committee; Deputy Director-General for Research and Innovation at the European Commission); Brigitte Bach (Head of the Energy Department, Austrian Institute of Technology; National Coordinator Mission Innovation Austria)