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Germany celebrates Mission Innovation’s 5-year anniversary


Germany joined MI in 2015 because the transformation of our energy systems towards reliable and cost effective clean energy is a fundamental part of an effective, long-term global response to our shared climate challenge. A step-change in global effort is required to accelerate the pace of technological advance and cost reduction for clean energy. Research and development are an indispensable prerequisite to achieve these goals with our knowledge, creativity and inventive spirit being our most important resources. We need to work together with all interested countries and bundle our competencies. For these reasons, Germany welcomes and supports MI.

Germany has participated in the MI Champions Programme and the MICall19 funding programme as a direct result of Mission Innovation. In addition, the involvement in innovation challenges, in particular IC5 and IC8 has contributed to the shaping of energy research policy in Germany. Knowledge sharing has been an important element of the various activities so far, making innovations from Germany better known in the world and bringing insights from other countries to Germany.

Participation in MI has allowed us to:
– Strongly increased national funding for innovations for the energy transition, within the framework of a new Energy Research Programme published in 2018.
– Hydrogen Innovation Challenge Workshop held in Berlin in October 2018.
– Contributed to Converting Sunlight Roadmap within IC5.
– Solutions from Germany featured in the MI 2020 Solutions report, the MI Breakthroughs as well as the 1.5°C compatibility framework.
– Contributed to Smart Grids Country Reports of IC1, as well as many other reports, surveys, workshops and collaborations.

Germany is a proud member of MI and looks forward to continued collaboration.