Green Shipping Corridor Matchmaker

Green shipping corridors require strong partnerships across regions, countries, and even continents. Forming these partnerships can often be a challenge for the simple reason that it’s not always clear which organization wants to collaborate, or who within the organization is the best point of contact. The tool below helps to address this challenge by showing interested stakeholders from across the maritime value chain on easy-to-use map. If you would like to add your organization to the map, please fill out this short form.

Green Shipping Corridor Matchmaker

The matchmaker tool below is an interactive map that identifies stakeholders from across the world interested in forming or supporting green shipping corridors. Use the filters to find other maritime stakeholders and develop partnerships. Note that this map is best viewed in full-screen mode by clicking the small square in the bottom right of map. To enter your organization into the matchmaker, please fill out this form.

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Additional Green Shipping Corridor Tools and Resources

The tools and resources provided below are developed and maintained by members of the Mission Innovation Zero-emission Shipping Mission. These resources are intended to help accelerate green corridor formation through partnerships, knowledge access, and better coordination.


If you are interested in developing a green shipping corridor, you need not start from scratch! Collected here are numerous reports and analyses that provide processes and frameworks for green shipping corridor development and investigation.

Explore the green corridor routes that have already been announced or established across the world using this interactive map. Approximate routes are displayed, showing details about timeline and target fuels and vessels.


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