Doubling the efficiency of biomass power plants



Globally, fossil fuels account for almost 70 percent of power generation. In order to succeed with the transition to a fossil-free energy system, more efficient power generation technologies are required.


The established technology for biomass power generation is called the steam cycle, in which 30% of the fuel’s calorific value results in electricity, the remainder being heat and energy losses. Phoenix Biopower’s technology uses a completely different thermodynamic process. First the fuel is gasified under high pressure together with steam. The gas produced then drives a gas turbine where steam is used to optimize combustion. With this technology electricity can be produced at an efficiency of up to 60% of the fuel’s calorific value, so for the same amount of biomass, twice as much electricity is obtained compared to conventional methods.


The solution could yield twice as much electricity from the same amount of biomass compared to conventional technologies. The company is now looking for commercial partners to set up a pilot plant.