EnergyHub flexible solar power direct current inverter



Electric cars are a challenge for residential electricity grids. When the car is charging, one of the three phases of the electricity supply can be exposed to high power throughput for a long time. To enable this, one has to switch to a higher main fuse and thus a higher fixed fee.


EnergyHub from Ferroamp detects the high load and shifts the load evenly between the different phases. The system enables the flexible integration of photovoltaic systems, energy storage, small-scale wind and electric car charging. Energy storage can thus be divided between several users in a dynamic way. This makes it possible to utilize the consumption variations between buildings and to cut power peaks when electric cars need charging. What distinguishes EnergyHub from other inverters in the market is that it is bi-directional, that is, it can move energy in both directions. This makes it possible to connect photovoltaic cells, batteries for energy storage, etc.


Production is currently being scaled up. With this system, it is possible to integrate many more solar panels and electric cars to existing electricity grids. The solution can also be used for balancing the grid at the consumer.