Analysis and Joint Research

The Analysis and Joint Research (AJR) Sub-Group identifies and analyzes clean energy innovation needs, priorities, challenges and opportunities for collaboration across Mission Innovation (MI) members. This includes mobilizing the collective knowledge, capabilities and resources of members to maximize impact across eight technology areas, known as Innovation Challenges, which MI members have identified as critical to address climate change.

The AJR Sub-Group supports the delivery of the MI Action Plan through the Innovation Challenges by:

  • Creating high-impact collaboration and partnership opportunities in the Innovation Challenges between members, the private sector and other stakeholders.
  • Supporting MI members to elevate the work of the Innovation Challenges among internal and external stakeholders by developing knowledge/communications products.
  • Reviewing new Innovation Challenge proposals and assessing the progress of existing Innovation Challenges.
  • Informing key stakeholders of opportunities to maximize the impact of the Innovation Challenges.
  • Facilitating the cross-pollination of ideas and best practices across Innovation Challenges.

Members participating in the AJR Sub-Group are Canada (co-lead), India (co-lead), the European Union, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.