Plans and Priorities
Plans and Priorities

In support of economic growth, energy access and security, and an urgent and lasting global response to climate change, China jointly announced the “Mission Innovation”, to accelerate the pace of clean energy innovation to achieve performance breakthroughs and cost reductions to provide affordable and reliable clean energy solutions that will revolutionize energy systems throughout the world over the next two decades and beyond.

I. Baseline and target

The R&D input of China in clean energy totaled 25 billion RMB (roughly 3.8 billion US dollars) in 2015, which was set as the baseline and baseline year of China on “Mission Innovation”.

China’s Doubling Plan target on “Mission Innovation” seeks to double the governmental and/or state-directed investment in clean energy research and development over five years, which means increasing in the input to 50 billion RMB (roughly 7.6 billion dollars) by 2020.

II. Priority fields input

The Chinese Government is promoting the revolution of energy production and consumption. China is dedicated to clean and efficient utilization of coal resources, and the development of non-coal energy, oil, gas, so as to form an energy supply system driven by balanced development of coal, nuclear and new energy and renewable energy, simultaneously consolidating the power transmission and distribution net, as well as the construction of storage facilities.

Resources’ saving is explicitly emphasized in the strategy of “Comprehensively promoting the development of an ecological civilization”. The Chinese Government is dedicated to economic and concentrated utilization of resources, to promote fundamental change of energy utilization, and strengthen the whole process management to sharply reduce the density of energy consumption, including energy, water, land, and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of energy utilization, to facilitate the revolution of energy production and consumption, support the development of energy-efficient and low-carbon industries, new energy and renewable energy industries.

In the context of the national strategies and the energy mix, China hereby proposes that “clean energy” on “Mission Innovation” covers safe, clean and efficient development and utilization of coal and new energy-saving, renewable energy and hydrogen energy technology, advanced nuclear energy and nuclear safety, smart grid, energy conservation in buildings, clean smart car, etc.

Country definition of clean energy R&D investment

In the context of the national strategies and the energy mix, China hereby proposes that “clean energy” on “Mission Innovation” covers the clean utilization of coal (including carbon capture and storage) , renewable energy (including solar and solar-thermal), smart grid, bio-energy, hydro power, nuclear fission and fusion, energy storage and deployment of clean energy vehicles (electric vehicles), etc.