Australia’s cooperation in MI2.0

MI Mission or Platform Module
Level of cooperation
Clean Hydrogen Mission Co-lead  

Contributes to the storage and distribution working group. Coordinated the release of ten in-depth country analysis reports. Authored a report on global Hydrogen RD&D Collaboration Opportunities.

Green Powered Future Mission Core Member  

Knowledge and project contribution toward mission goals. Dedicated experts to engage in progressing mission outcomes. Resourcing towards mission operations.

Net-Zero Industries  Mission Co-lead  

Accelerates innovation for industrial decarbonisation. Global Mission Lead, Executive Committee Chair, engagement led by HILTCRC.

Zero Emission Shipping Mission Core Member  

Australia is working towards:

  • introducing commercially viable vessels that operate on zero-emission fuels to the global fleet by 2030
  • scaling up efficient production of zero-emission fuels
  • establishing global port infrastructure to support vessels operating on zero-emission fuels. 
Carbon Dioxide Removal Mission Core Member  

Australia is working towards the goal of enabling Carbon Dioxide Removal technologies to achieve net reduction of 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year globally by 2030.

Insights and Accelerate Module Content Contributor  

Targeted sharing of projects to foster knowledge sharing. Hosts virtual events to foster networking of innovative research. This directly supports the CleanTech Exchange.

Innovation Platform: Collaborate module Contributor  

Participates in the Innovation Community on Affordable heating and Cooling of Buildings, IC7.