Strengthened Cooperation

1st wave missions

  • Austria will participate as a Tier 2 member in the Power Mission, with the intent to participate in technical working groups, contribute to the delivery of small-scale activities (e.g. small analysis, support with knowledge-sharing of national best practices of RD&D initiatives such as GreenEnergyLab) and support the dissemination of the mission activities.
  • Austria will participate in the Hydrogen Mission, with intent to collaborate by networking activities and exchange on best practices in the field of hydrogen strategies, technologies, i.e. by bringing in Austrian use cases such as the flagship region WIVA P&G and Austrian Hydrogen IPCEI projects. Austria is currently developing its national Hydrogen Strategy and will publish it in the near future.

Innovation Platform

  • Austria will contribute to the Innovation Platform “Collaborate” by co-leading the module activity “Funding Calls and Public Funder Dialogues”. We will support joint dialogue and activities between various national and regional R&D funders. This work includes promoting multilateral funding calls as opportunities for MI members to maximise the impact of their national and regional innovation programmes. The 2021 Mission Innovation R&D calls will be launched on the topics of “Heating and Cooling Solutions” and “Climate-neutral Urban Districts and Neighborhoods”.