Strengthened Cooperation

Considering the role in various Innovation Challenges and other MI activities, India is keen to actively participate in the proposed missions and continue efforts in Innovation platforms and thus continue the momentum created in the last five years.   India is participating in the Power, Hydrogen and Shipping Missions and will contribute in the clean energy innovation in these sectors. During MI 1.0, under IC1& IC2 India provided leadership in Smart Grid and Off Grid integration of solar PV. In MI 2.0 , these IC’s have integrated into power mission. India will support deployment of technologies by public private partnership.  India is co-leading the Mission on Bio economy and also proposed the launch of “Innovation for Sustainable Aviation FuelINNOVATON for INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABLE AVIATION FUEL under the Collaborative Platform.  India is also planning to launch a platform on “Hydrogen Valley” covering the entire hydrogen value chain (production, storage, distribution and final use) for several hydrogen applications. Further India has proposed to engage in proposed Missions on Carbon Dioxide removal, Cities and Industry.

India is also proposed to be engaged as co-lead in platform proposal (Sustainable Aviation Fuel). The platform has got support from US as co-lead and support of several countries. This platform will develop aviation biofuels technologies which are cost effective and are sustainable by enlarging the feedstock base. Special emphasis will be given to power to liquid technology using captured carbon dioxide as one of the feedstock.

India is first among the MI member countries to establish a Clean Energy International Incubation Center (CEIIC) for supporting and promoting clean energy-based start-ups. It is a joint initiative of Government of India (GoI) designed to offer “lab to market” support for national/international clean energy enterprises. The Centre provided end-to-end support to start-ups and supported 24 start-ups.

Bilateral Cooperation –

Bilateral cooperation scheme has been implemented with various countries ; US, UK, EU, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, and Netherlands  etc. for Scientific and technological cooperation between two countries to  bridge the gap between fundamental science and  translation of products and to provide sustainable solutions for inhabitants in the areas of Smart Grid and Energy Storage, Energy Efficiency of Buildings, Sustainable Biofuels,  Bioresource,  Water, Waste to wealth, Carbon Capture and Utilization. Based on high level review joint areas of R&D collaboration have been identified with partner country.