Strengthened Cooperation

  • Norway will take an active role as co-lead in the “Mission on Zero Emission Shipping” working with the other co-leads and participants. Norway has a large shipping industry and a substantial activity aiming to lower the emissions from the shipping sector, including research, development and demonstration of new technologies and solutions along the entire value chain. We will use our experience and initiate and contribute to processes and activities in order to reach the goal of the Mission. We will have a particular focus on possible low-emission propulsion technologies and solutions.
  • We will also participate in the mission on “Building the global clean hydrogen economy” contributing both directly to its work, and through sharing information from the demonstration and market introduction projects on hydrogen that are being planned or are under construction in Norway. Institutions and organisations in Norway are actively engaged in activities that cover all the three pillars of the Mission, i.e. R&D, Demonstration and Enabling environment. We intend to engage in all three pillars. Norway’s approach to hydrogen production includes both hydrogen from electrolysers supplied with renewable power and hydrogen produced from natural gas with CO2 capture and storage. Both are needed to reach the goal of the Mission and create a commercial market for clean hydrogen.
  • We intend to participate in the Innovation Platform, but have still not decided were we best can make a difference. Furthermore, we are following the development of the second wave missions which we may decide to contribute to or participate in.