Clean Energy RD&D investments

In the declaration of government 2020, the Swedish Prime Minister stated that Sweden will become the world’s first fossil-free welfare state. Sweden will continue to be a world leader in the work of counteracting global warming and in the implementation of Agenda 2030.

With this ambition also follows a high priority on R&I efforts to meet the challenges of climate, energy, and sustainable development.

Currently, the Swedish National Programme on Energy Research and Innovation has a budget of SEK 1 540 million for 2021, corresponding to appr. 145 million Euro. Funding is expected to continue at this level or possibly with future increases. However, the state budget is decided annually by parliament and exact number up until 2030 are not available today.

In addition to the programme, there are also other activities relating to clean energy R&I:

  • Funding for establishing a Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory; SEEL AB – appr. 50 000 Euro 2021.
  • Innovation cluster for fossil-free aviation, appr. 4,5 MEuro 2021 and continuing
  • The Industry leap: 70 MEuro SEK in 2021 for preparatory studies, research, pilot- and demonstration projects to reduce climate emissions from industrial processes, to achieve negative emissions (like in BioCCS) and for Innovative solutions regarding e.g. battery production, refineries for recycled plastics, hydrogen or recycling.
  • A program of state credit guarantees for ‘green’ industry investments that contribute to reaching climate and environment goals. In 2021, the amount foreseen is about 0,9 billion Euro. The extent of the programme is planned to increase in coming years.