Mission Innovation is a global initiative working to accelerate clean energy innovation.
The power of innovation – driven by sustained public investment coupled with business leadership – can make clean energy widely affordable and bring fledgling ideas into the mainstream.


News Tweets

Meet Alicia Mignone, one of the judges for this year’s MI Champions Programme! Ms. Mignone is a chemist who has dealt with international multilateral cooperation projects in Europe, Africa, Central Asia and Middle East. Read more about her here: https://t.co/uSgisgNxIf


Meet one of the 2020 MI Champions judges! Tomás Baeza Jeria has 10 years of experience in sustainable energy, energy innovation, technology management, climate change and territorial development. Read more about him here: https://t.co/uSgisgNxIf


Meet Ying Zhao, one of the judges for the 2020 MI Champions Programme! Professor Zhao has presided over, and completed, 10+ scientific research projects and has been granted more than 20 patents. Read more about him here: https://t.co/uSgisgNxIf



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