Mission Innovation is a global initiative working to accelerate clean energy innovation.
The power of innovation – driven by sustained public investment coupled with business leadership – can make clean energy widely affordable and bring fledgling ideas into the mainstream.


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LAUNCH OF THE CALL FOR INNOVATIONS INNO+ McInnis Cement | Are you in the field of Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU)? Submit your solution before March 25.
Seeking more information? Join our webinar on March 11!
Visit Inno+ new website👉 https://t.co/ZBxecFXekL


Reminder! The 2020 MI Champions Programme is now open for nominations and applications. Register before 5:00 PM GMT on 18 March 2020 here: https://t.co/ohDhT4HrIQ #cleanenergy @EUScienceInnov @EU_H2020


The only way we'll achieve net-zero carbon emissions is if we innovate, deploy, and invest across all sectors. It's encouraging to see companies working to get our planet one step closer. Congratulations to all the winners of the #BreakthroughCanada initiative. https://t.co/zCnwChkTLX


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