Mission Innovation is a global initiative working to accelerate clean energy innovation.
The power of innovation – driven by sustained public investment coupled with business leadership – can make clean energy widely affordable and bring fledgling ideas into the mainstream.


News Tweets

@IndiaDST invites EoIfor transnational research and innovation projects having potential for digital transformation to sustainable energy society as Indian funding partner #MICall20 partner. Deadline 17 February 2021.
https://t.co/qRwMLiinoN @DBTIndia https://t.co/G9OiExOsEy

Pleased to meet Jonah Goldman of @Breakthrough Energy today to discuss clean energy innovation programmes and @MICleanEnergyRD ⚡

Accelerating the clean energy transition is one of my key priorities as #COP26 President, and I look forward to working together


Hydrogen Valleys: a European idea going global to drive the #CleanHydrogen production, distribution and use at regional level. Next-generation market development through integrated (and larger-scale) projects covering more and more of the value chain – "mini hydrogen economies".



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