Strengthened Cooperation

  • The Netherlands will collaborate with other MI members in the Power mission as participant. We currently have several running and finished projects on the subject of system integration; for example the Dutch HESI-lab (Hybrid Energy System Integration), running projects on multi-modelling and flexibility tools and we are currently looking into new topics, such as semi-autonomic systems and smart multi-commodity energy systems. Furthermore our scientific institutes offer quite extensive knowledge in the area of system modelling. These initiatives can contribute to international collaboration and the progress towards 100% integration of variable renewable energies in energy systems, while maintaining a cost-efficient, secure and resilient system.
  • The Netherlands has played a leading role in Innovation Challenge 8 (hydrogen) in MI 1.0, by realizing the first European hydrogen valley. We intend to continue leading specific topics of interest withing the hydrogen mission of MI 2.0, and are currently in the process of determining our specific role and potential contributions.
  • On all mentioned topics The Netherlands intends to contribute to the collaborate module of the MI-Platform. For each topic a national expert at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency has been appointed to coordinate contributions from – for example – institutes for applied sciences, the Dutch Topsectors, or universities.