Hiroshi Kajiyama

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

Role in MI

Progress towards doubling public investment

Country-determined baseline year(s): FY 2013
Baseline funding amount: EUR ‎€222.6 million
Doubling target year: FY 2021
Doubling target amount: EUR €445.3 million

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*Figures in the spending chart are based on USD exchange rates in 2020

Japan registered the FY 2016 as its base year and 45 billion yen as its baseline amount. Further, Japan will try to allocate as much budget as possible to the fields of innovative technologies looking ahead to the year of 2050 in NESTI2050. Even if there are financial constraints, the aim is to double the budget in five years.

In addition, Japan compiled a report called the Long-term Energy Supply and Demand Outlook for FY 2030 (the” Energy Mix”). Tackling climate change issues requires finding a balance between mitigation measures and economic growth. To achieve this, Japan is committed to:

  1. Promoting energy-saving measures;
  2. Expanding the use of renewable energy sources; and
  3. Increasing investments aimed at establishing a new energy system to improve the efficiency of energy use.

In particular, the total share of renewable energy is set to double from 12% in 2013 to 22-24% (Solar 7.0%, Wind 1.7%, Biomass 3.7-4.6%, Geothermal 1.0-1.1%, Hydropower 8.8-9.2%) in 2030.

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