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Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia believes that technology provides the answer to climate change challenges. Technology has done so for mankind throughout history and it requires greater innovation, collaboration and investments to address climate change.

Saudi Arabia is pursuing technology innovation on greenhouse gas management, energy efficiency and renewable energy. The Kingdom established a technology roadmap that encompass the following five areas: (i) capture fixed sources, (ii) carbon dioxide reduction from mobile sources such as cars, marine, trains, (iii) industrial applications for polymers, carbon fiber, construction materials, and chemicals, (iv) carbon dioxide storage in saline water aquifers, (v) and carbon capture, utilization, and storage. In addition, the Kingdom is investing in developing and implementing a renewable energy program as well as energy efficiency technologies in areas such as air-conditioning and thermal insulation.

The Kingdom is currently active at the national level through specialized science and technology cities, universities, centers, nationally owned companies as well as the private sector in promoting R&D in these focus areas. Collaboration in these focus areas are encouraged with international research centers to advance innovation in the clean energy technology domain.

Baseline and Doubling Plans

  • Country-Determined Baseline Year(s): 2015
  • Baseline Funding Amount: SR 281.3 million (USD $75 million)
  • Doubling Target-Year: 2021
  • Doubling Target Amount: SR 562.5 million (USD $150 million)
  • First-Year of Mission Innovation Funding Increment: 2017
  • First-Year Mission Innovation Funding Amount: SR 337.5 million (USD $90 million)
  • First-Year Mission Innovation Funding Increment: SR 56.3 million (USD $15 million)
  • First-Year Funding Percent Increase: 20%

Country-Definition of Clean Energy R&D Investment

Carbon management from mobile and stationary sources, CO2 utilization, CCUS, transport fuels, energy efficiency, energy storage, renewables (solar and wind).

Overview of Clean Energy R&D Focus Areas Emphasized in Mission Innovation Portfolio

Industry & buildings


Vehicles & other transportation


Bio-based fuels & energy
Solar, wind & other renewables


Nuclear energy
Hydrogen & fuel cells


Cleaner fossil energy


CO2 capture, utilization & storage


Electricity grid
Energy storage


Basic energy research


Indicators are for key areas of Mission Innovation R&D investment but do not imply a comprehensive representation of a country’s full R&D portfolio.